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PHX AM 2014 Super Post


In Traditional Phoenix Am fashion the Skaters were charging this past weekend at The Desert West Skate plaza in Glendale AZ, Taken over by Cowtown for the 13th Annual PHXAM!

Recap the Finals with this edit from Thrasher Magazine, who as onsite to capture most of the action.

The Final Round results -

1. Matt Berger

2. Micky Papa

3. Jack Olson

4. Tyson Bowerbank

5. Jagger Eaton

6. Clive Dixon

7. Chase Webb

8. Cyril Jackson

9. Noe Solis

10. Gustavo Servin

11. Dashawn Jordan

12. Sebo Walker

Well before the finals were underway there was plenty of sick skating going down.  Here’s a qualifier recap edit from Cowtown.

COWTOWNS PHXAM 2014 QUALIFIERS from Steed Flicks CS on Vimeo.

Don’t forget about the stills.  Check out these photo galleries.



Thanks to Cowtown and all the fans that came to make the event a huge success!




Highlights from Bucky BOO-BQ 2013


The 5th Annual Bucky Lasek Boo-BQ went off!! Tons of great costumes, great skating, and a great turnout to support Grind for Life Charity.  In case you missed the live webcast from Pro-Tec, here are the highlights from the day.  Thanks to Go Pro, Puma, the Lasek Family, and Transworld Skate for making this event happen!

Bucky’s BOO-BQ Highlights from Pro-Tec on Vimeo.

Keolu Classic recap from 808 Skate


This Past Saturday Pro-Tec teamed up with  and 808 Skate for the Keolu Classic 2013 ASH finals. We had a good turn out, and the kids were ripping.  Thanks to everyone that helped make this event happen.  Here is the recap.

Keolu Classic Invitational (2013) from 808 Skate on Vimeo.

Pro-Tec contest Winner for August 1st Contest

Hey all,

thanks for playing!  I loved reading everybody’s replies and they were all pretty amazing!

I liked so many of them I decided to pick two (2) winners of the Independent Helmet

Winner 1

Sasha Zimmerman Smith

Sasha Zimmerman Smith; reminds me of Jason Jesse in the Risk it video (circa 1990)

Sasha Zimmerman Smith; reminds me of Jason Jesse in the Risk it video (circa 1990)



Winner 2

David Newbrough


David Newbrough

This is too true about too many parks around the country .. We need to change that.

Congrats you guys!

email me at for instructions on how to claim your prize!




4 Peat … Bucky does it again!

Unless you have  been living under a rock and you missed the X-Games this year you can’t help but notice that Bucky took home the Gold at X-Games for the 4th time this year.

Four just isn't for 40 - it's for four-peat!

Four just isn’t for 40 – it’s for four-peat!


Add this to a first place win at the 9th Annual Vans Pool Party and first place gold at the Dew Tour in Baltimore MD you have one heck of a year … In the words of Paul over at Green Issue Skateboards “Bucky Yeah!”

a proper andrecht, just like he does every time!

a proper andrecht, just like he does every time!

to all your success this year we salute you Bucky!




bringing home the gold!

bringing home the gold!

Always in style!

Christian Hosoi … a legend still in the making!

This past April as we prepared for the 9th Annual Vans Pool Party we were able to meet at Lance Mountain’s home in LA to shoot a video with the legend himself Christian Hosoi. While we visited and shot the video we got the chance to sit down with Christian and film the first in a series of a Tribute to the 40 years of Pro-Tec as a brand.

Shot in the late 70's early 80's, Christian has always had proper style!

Shot in the late 70′s early 80′s, Christian has always had proper style!

Pro-Tec is blessed and honored to have legends like Christian and Steve Cab, future legends such Pedro Barros and Bucky Lasek, and upstarts like Josh Borden, Alex Perelson,
and Zach Miller as part of the Pro-Tec team and family!

Classic Layback Grind!

Classic Layback Grind!


Christian a true family man brought along his sons Classic and Endless to enjoy a day of skating and fun!

Future ripper Endless gets his helmet strapped on as to not miss the action!

Future ripper Endless gets his helmet strapped on as to not miss the action!

Getting a little help from Dad, Endless can handle the deep end!

Getting a little help from Dad, Endless can handle the deep end!


We would like to give a special things to all those that supported this video and Christian through out the years.


Darryl and Ray of RND Management

Steve Van Doren of Vans Footwear

Lincoln and Serge at Type-S Urethane Wheels

Hosoi Skateboards 

AWSM Brand 

Lance Mountain for the gracious and generous use of the bowl in his backyard

All the mags (Transworld, Thrasher, Skateboarder, the Skateboard Mag, and many others) and the photographers who have shot amazing photos of Christian over the years.

and the staff and marketing Team here at Dye Precision and Pro-Tec 


If you haven’t seen the commercial from the Pool Party here it is!

Pro-tec Legend Christian Hosoi from Pro-Tec on Vimeo.


Always in style!

Always in style!

Ground Hogs day .. Bucky takes the Gold (again) in Munich X Games

Truly it is becoming Ground Hog’s day except that this movie stars Bucky Lasek and not Billy Murray and Bucky actually wins the Gold medal in X-Games for the 3rd time!

This little video tells Bucky’s thoughts before this X Games got under way …

3-peat .. X Gams Munich gold!

3-peat .. X Gams Munich gold!

sit back and relax .. it looks so easy for this guy! We love it! Congrats Bucky yet again!

X games Munich

X games Munich


the Olympic Stadium

the Olympic Stadium

Here is his winning run!

frontside tail .. photo Bryce Knaights

Zach Miller .. Welcome to the Big Leagues

Zach Miller sent us over a great post from his blog ROAM  ..  here are some photos from the blog post and trip to the DEW TOUR 2013 Maryland ..

good stuff!  thanks Zach for sending this over!

from the blog

“I just got home from the Dew Tour in Ocean City, MD… Logos, Logos, Logos… Sponsorships and advertisements plaster everything. High school kids terrorize the boardwalk rocking various trashy ‘Jersey Shore’ sayings, families wander the beach on vacation, the heat melts groms ice-cream, carnival music fills the air and once a year a massive tent city is erected on the beach to host, The Dew Tour.

It’s the Big Leagues… TV, Sponsors, Media Obligations, and competitive skateboarding pushing the limits. Bucky took vert, Pedro in the bowl, and my pops won the ‘Legends’ bowl event, again. I both love and hate contests like this. All the hype and ‘big time TV’ pressure is a double edged sword. It either breaks you or pushes you to the next level. I’m going with a new strategy for the rest of the year. HAVE FUN! I think I did it…. Put together some runs, skated with the boys, rider lounge Ping Pong battles, and just observed the ridiculous scene of the Ocean City boardwalk.

It was rad. Behind the massive TV production, and the “Professional” side of skateboarding. It’s still, just skateboarding.”

cover photo by Bryce Knaights

frontside tail .. photo Bryce Knaights

frontside tail .. photo Bryce Knaights

Pro-tec's own Alex Perelson

Pro-tec’s own Alex Perelson


the Dew Tour Ramp

the Dew Tour Ramp


Jimmy Wilkens big frontside ollie!

Jimmy Wilkens big frontside ollie!


Pro-tec's Pedro Barros .. a backside indi for the GOLD!

Pro-tec’s Pedro Barros .. a backside indi for the GOLD!




Congratulations go out yet again to Pro-Tec pros Pedro Barros and Bucky Lasek on their both equally amazing wins at the Dew Tour this past weekend!

Check Pedro’s winning running here!


From Alli Sport News: 



The Dew Tour Beach Championships hosted in Ocean City, Maryland knew the crowd wouldn’t mind saving the best for last, Skate Bowl Final went off with an absolutely packed and pumped grand stand of fans from the sand!
The format for the final included the top ten skaters from the semi-final and broke them into two heats. Each heat of five skaters were allotted four, 35-second runs each taking turns in an organized jam format with their best two runs averaging for their overall score. Following that, they pulled the top five skaters into the Final Round 2, aka the Super Final, for another display of the raw talent and a last chance to take the coveted Dew Cup.

Straight out of the gate in the first heat Pedro Barros dropped in and made a claim for the top spot, which he took with his first run through the remaining of the heat – that is until he dropped in again. On his fourth and final run of the first heat he was flying through the bowl with more speed than ever. Barros threw a giant 540 in the deep end which sent him flying into the shallows where he then hopped out of the bowl and had to Ollie over two sets of cameraman cords before he ollied back into the deep end and straight into a seatbelt smith grind through the opposite corner – that run provided so much more than an adrenaline rush for the fans to watch!

Next up in the second heat we saw the Bucky Lasek, the local legend from the state of Maryland, come in strong looking to take home two golds for the weekend – Bucky earned a gold in Skate Vert the day prior. Bucky threw multiple 540 combinations in the corners and on the flat walls in the deep end plus a front blunt through another corner. Still, it was not enough to unseat Barros from the top spot as he was in search of a 3-peat in the bowl at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland.

That was exactly what he did! The Super Final was packed with great action from all guys, but Barros came in stronger and faster than ever. Barros’ classic lines of high speed transfers into the corners and giant 540s are simply to stylish to ignore.

“It feels amazing! I’m always happy to be skating bowl and to be skating [Dew Tour],” said Barros still catching his breath with fresh “war paint” on his face that he rubbed on for his country Brazil that is currently going through some conflict. Barros went on to coment on the design and fluidity of the Dew Tour bowl, “It’s totally different. It was designed by a bowl skater that rips (Chris Miller, winner of Skate Bowl Legends) and it has totally different lines. You can go super high out of it and fast. It’s a pleasure to be able to skate it.” 

Congratulations Pedro Barros on the 3-peat at the Dew Tour Beach Championships in Ocean City, Maryland!

Be sure to check back shortly for the complete results posted below, a photo gallery posted to the top of this article and video of the first place run!


1st Place – Pedro Barros – 89.62

2nd Place – Bucky Lasek – 87.62

3rd Place – Kalani David – 84.12

4th Place – Tom Schaar – 80.25

5th Place – Kevin Kowalski – 70.75


Check out all the news from this past weekend here at 

Congrats to Bucky Lasek on his 2nd Place win and Pro-Tec Family Tom Schaar on 4th!

Front Smith blog


We are stoked to announce that we have a two (2)  exact winners for the Bucky Lasek Takeover Friday Giveaway from this past Friday!   One winner was plain and obvious on the Facebook post and the other was posted in a post of another post on the same post – which to me means you too are a winner.  To me the fairest way to deal with the situation is have a Grand Prize winner and Runner up ..

Here are the winners as follows

Grand Prize – Marc Beugnier 

Prize pack includes:

* Pro-Tec Classic Bucky signed; used in the video

* Bucky Lasek Green Issue Deck and stickers

* 1 Set of Type S Wheels Bucky Wheels

* Pro-Tec stickers and T Shirt

* Subaru Official Racing shirt and hat

* Puma Gift Certificate


Bucky Prize Pack - Pro-Tec Friday Giveaway!

Bucky Prize Pack – Pro-Tec Friday Giveaway!

Runner Up – Kevin Reynolds 

Prize pack includes 

* Pro-Tec Classic Bucky Helmet (not signed)

* Pro-Tec T Shirt and stickers

* Bucky Lasek Green Issue Deck and Stickers

* TypeS-Wheels Bucky Lasek model

* Puma Gift Certificate


Marc and Kevin please email for information on how to collect your prizes!

thanks to everyone who played and come back this next weekend for the next PRO-TEC FRIDAY GIVEAWAY!